23 Optical Illusions That Will Make Your Brain Melt

Welcome to our list of the best brain illusions of all time. Although brain illusions surprise people, the main reason for this is that the brain’s perception works differently. When we look at some pictures or photographs, we perceive them differently than they actually are. This phenomenon, called visual illusion or optical illusion, is caused by factors such as light, color and pattern of the object. In a sense, our brain is tricked. An illusion occurs when we want to perceive the future with our brain and these perceptions do not match reality.

1) Which way is he turning?

Which way is he turning?

The most classic illusion that for years could not be found which way it turned.

2) Where are the gray dots ?

The first time you look at it you might say “what’s this?”, but look a little faster and see the gray dots teleporting.

3) Fast Black

Does anyone have any idea why white spots turn black?

4) Dancing Pieces

Did you like the dance?

5) Is this a duck or a rabbit?

6) The expanding black hole optical illusion

Don’t look too much at the black dot, it can suck you in.

7) Is it really spinning?

This illusion is actually a still picture, but when you focus on the center, it feels like the surroundings are moving.

8) The Cat

Is the cat going up or down the stairs in this legendary picture?

9) Can you see the cat hiding?

10) Spinning discs optical illusion

11) Ship

This photo is not photoshopped but completely real, what do you think could have happened?

12) The Ames Room Illusion! 

13) Focus on the cross in the center and observe the blank spot rotating around

Did you see the color green?

14) What kind of a hiking park is this?

15) The dinosaurs

16) Stare at the swirling dots for at least 30 secs.  

Did you realize that the earth is really spinning?

17) The blue and yellow shapes look like they are moving staggeringly one after the other?

18) Long Roads

19) Is the room spinning?

20) Can you see the face?

21) 3D Cube

22) Which Orange is the real Orange?

23) 3D Road

We have listed 23 Optical Illusions That Will Make Your Brain Melt for you. Which is your favorite illusion?

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