Do YouTube shorts make money ?

Youtube shorts is a platform where short videos of less than 60 seconds are shared. Shorts videos are often watched on mobile devices. The use of shorts increased considerably as people got used to short videos.

What are youtube shorts?

Can You Make Money with YouTube Shorts?

Yes, you can make money with YouTube Shorts. 

Advertising Revenue

First of all, you must meet the following conditions.

1,000 subscribers and 10 million eligible public Shorts views in the last 90 days.

If you meet the requirements to earn with advertising revenue, start by opening a Google Adsense account. We need to know about CPM on Google adsense.

What is CPM?

CPM shows you the revenue you will receive per thousand impressions.

High revenue countries and estimated CPM rates 

  • Norway ($18)
  • USA ($17)
  • Singapore ($15)
  • Israel ($14)
  • New Zealand ($14)
  • Australia ($13)
  • Canada ($13)
  • UK ($13)
  • Denmark , Sweden , Finland , France ($13)
  • Germany , Italy , Spain , Japan , South Korea ($12)

When you get monitoring from countries with worse economies, the income will go down and down. So try to produce content for high-income countries.

Sponsorship AgreementsĀ 

You can promote products by making agreements with websites and brands. You can promote daily games that are popular today. 

Tip : The shorts videos of the channels that play daily games are watched more.

How to Increase Channel Views?

The answer is actually very simple – do what is popular! Many people will tell you that you need to know SEO. SEO will never work for you if what you do is not popular. However, it is useful to know SEO at a basic level. 

Make sure that your title is relevant to the content you have chosen. (Ex : Wordle – Daily Game #999)

Organize the tags of your video according to the content you choose. (EX : wordle , daily game , game , word game , )

How much money can I make on YouTube Shorts?

Your earnings can vary based on your view count, audience size, and monetization methods. Successful content creators can make thousands of dollars.

What kind of content can I produce on Youtube Shorts?

Funny videos, game videos , educational content, and visually appealing content often perform well on YouTube Shorts. 

When you consistently produce quality videos, you will definitely achieve success!

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